We want to make booking a live band for your event as easy as possible and realise for many of you this may be the first time you have ever booked a band. Please rest assured that we are very experienced in helping to create successful events.  Below you should find the answers to most of your questions and also find some info that you may not have thought of.  Of course if there is anything else you need to know then please get in touch.

How much do you charge?

Our fee depends on a number of things.  The following info will help us provide you with an accurate quote.

The exact date and type of event

Location, venue and rough timings

Do you require an early set up?

How do I confirm the booking?

When you are ready to book the band, we will email you an invoice with booking details. Once your deposit is paid, we can secure your booking for the date of your event.

How far do you travel?

We are happy to travel! We are based in Dorset and play events across the south.  Let us know where your event is being held and we can talk through the logistics.

Can we see you play before making a booking?

Yes!  Many of our previous clients booked the band on a recommendation or after seeing us play live.  Please check the gigs page to see where we’re playing.

Can we choose the Set List?

As each event is different, we do not have a standard set list and instead prefer to play to the crowd, keeping them on the dance floor. You are more than welcome to have a look through our playlist and make some suggestions of songs you would love to hear us play.

Do we need a DJ as well?

We can play recorded music through our PA during our break and for half an hour after we finish our last set.  This can be background music to set the mood or party music to keep people dancing. You are welcome to provide your own playlists for this purpose.  All we would need from you is an iPod or similar. A lot of people find that this covers all of the music requirements for the evening and therefor do not need a DJ.  Others prefer to put the band on earlier in the evening and book a DJ to play during the break and into the night after the band has finished.

How long do you play for?

This varies depending on each event. As an example, we will often play two one-hour sets for weddings and one main set for corporate parties or festivals. We have extensive experience of what is likely to work best for your event and so we can discuss how best to tailor the music.

Can you also provide live music at my event earlier in the day?

Yes, and we often do. We can provide acoustic sets for drinks receptions earlier in the day/evening before the band plays later on. Please let us know if you would like more info.

What are the band requirements; stage, power, food….?

Adequate Power Source: We require you to supply two separate power drops eg two separate 13 amp sockets to which we can attach extension leads – this enables us to keep our lights and PA system on separate power sources.

Performing space:  We have played on boats, in shop windows and even under the stairs on one occasion (it was big house!) so we are used to fitting in all sorts of spaces.  Please bare in mind we are 5 musicians with lots of gear so ideally we require a space no less than 4x3m

Food: It can be a long night for the band so provision of food and a drink is required.  We are not fussy and happy to fit in with the catering arrangements of the event.

Access and changing area: We ask that you ensure there is suitable access for the band to bring in their sound equipment. The closer we can get our vehicles to the stage the better. If possible, it would be helpful if you could ensure there is a room for the band to change and to keep out of the way when not performing.

Oh no! My venue has a sound limiter box …is that a problem?

Sound limiters for some venues limit how loud the band can play, especially for our drums. We have played a number of venues with these and generally don’t have any problems. Please let us know if you think it may be an issue and we can discuss options

What if the singer loses her voice or the bass players wife goes into labour?

We take your event very seriously and always have a contingency plan in the event of any hiccups. We have an extensive list of talented musicians we can rely upon in the unlikely event that a problem arises.